Factory TT is a pioneering art education platform established in 2015. It aims to challenge gaps and blind spots in the global presentation and reception of non-Western art, fostering transculturality, inclusivity, and diversity in the art world. With over 23 projects organized across Iran and Europe, including actions, performances, workshops, and large-scale exhibitions, Factory TT showcases the diverse artistic practices and perspectives of artists from different cultural backgrounds, surpassing geographical boundaries. The organization also orchestrates art festivals centered around important themes such as ecology and sustainability, promoting artistic interventions that raise awareness and advocate for sustainable practices.
Factory TT’s innovative approach to art education has significantly contributed to a more inclusive and interconnected global art landscape, advocating for interdisciplinarity, cultural exchange, and sustainability. As a dynamic force in the art world, Factory TT continuously pushes boundaries, challenges norms, and fosters meaningful artistic exchanges. Through its diverse initiatives and projects, Factory TT has made a lasting impact on the global art landscape, promoting transculturality and contributing to a more inclusive and diverse art world.

Shahram Entekhabi (www.entekhabi.org) an Iranian-born artist with European education, explores the fusion of Persian-Islamic and European cultures in his work. Through his observations of diverse cultures, he delves into the prejudices and fears we have towards the ‘Other’. His multidisciplinary approach, including live art and various mediums, critically interrogates how perceptions, politics, and control contribute to the marginalization of minority groups. his artistic practice reveals the complexities of culture, identity, and perception in concise and thought-provoking ways.

Asieh Salimian (www.asieh-salimian.org) is an Iranian curator dedicated to driving positive change in the contemporary art world between Europe and Iran. She challenges and promotes feminist values through her curatorial work, creating inclusive art spaces and showcasing young Iranian artists and marginalized groups. She believes art can be a catalyst for social change and facilitates intercultural dialogues on gender, sexuality, and identity.

Shahram Entekhabi Iranian-born artist /Curator and architect, currently living and working across Berlin and Tehran
Asieh Salimian, Iranian curator

Shahram Entekhabi is an Iranian artist with a hybrid cultural background who explores themes of prejudice and minority marginalization in his work. He uses various mediums, including live art, videos, architecture, sculptures, paintings, drawings, and photographs. Entekhabi believes in the importance of cultural exchange and collaboration in contemporary art production. He collaborates with a young Iranian curator, Asieh Salimian, to curate exhibitions that showcase a wide range of contemporary Iranian artists, emphasizing critical thinking and conceptual depth while contextualizing the artworks within the local social, political, and cultural realities.

Asieh Salimian is an Iranian feminist curator who is active in the contemporary art scenes in Berlin and Tehran. As a curator, she is dedicated to driving positive change and dialogue in the art world between Europe and Iran, while promoting feminist values through her curatorial work. Despite the challenges faced by the art scene in Iran, including limited opportunities for showcasing contemporary works and a market-oriented approach, she is committed to advocating for contemporary perspectives in her curatorial practice.

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Factory TT was initiated in 2015 by Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian.
NOTE: Factory TT is neither supported by any government, nor any political interest, ideology or religion.