Breaking Boundaries

A Bold Exploration of Perspectives and the Status Quo by Emerging Iranian Female Video Artists

The Factory TT Video Art Collection presents, for the first time in Europe, a selection of works by Asieh Salimian and Shahram Entekhabi. This collection showcases a diverse group of young, up-and-coming female video artists from Iran, each with their own distinctive artistic voice and perspective. All of the featured artists are currently residing and working in Iran.

Hosted at Gasteig HP8, Munich, Germany
Saturday, July 15, 2023, at 3:00 PM

Asieh Salimian and Shahram Entekhabi, the curators of the Factory TT Video Art Collection, presented six video works created by young Iranian female video artists. The event was moderated by Silvia Bauer.

Experience the Diverse Artistic Voices and Perspectives of Young, Up-and-Coming Female Video Artists from Iran

This unique collection showcases the works of Neshat Arayesh, Elham Azizi Ghasem Abady, Mozhgan Bavaki, Parisa Nami, Mona Rahnemay Helali, and Hediyeh Sadeghi.

This curated selection highlights the works of emerging Iranian female artists who are at the forefront of contemporary art, addressing significant issues such as feminism, environmental awareness, gender identity, consumption, public art, and women's rights.

By defying societal norms and using their creative talents, these artists challenge traditional conventions and amplify the voices of women in Iranian society. Through their visually compelling narratives, they provide a powerful commentary on the experiences and perspectives of Iranian women.

This project aims to promote gender equality and provide a platform for these artists to be recognized internationally.

The Factory TT Video Art Collection serves as a testament to the intersection of feminism and video art, creating a space where young Iranian artists can express themselves and challenge established norms. This collection is a valuable contribution to the field of Iranian art and beyond.

Discover the influential legacies of feminism and video art through the lens of these talented artists. Their works provoke thought, spark conversations, and contribute to a greater understanding of contemporary Iranian art.

By spotlighting these emerging female artists from Iran, we aim to empower them, encourage self-realization, and promote gender equality. Join us in recognizing their contributions to the world of art and their ongoing efforts to break boundaries.

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Factory TT was initiated in 2015 by Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian.
NOTE: Factory TT is neither supported by any government, nor any political interest, ideology or religion.