Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Online Screening
Screening Period: Wednesday, 2. March - Monday, 7. March, 2022
Due to the good responses and the ongoing demand, the exhibition will be extended, with a video work every day available online. Streaming will continue 6 hours daily from Wednesday to Monday from 20:00 to 02:00 (GMT time).

Head of project Shahram Entekhabi
Curated by Asieh Salimian
Daayanna Abdolali Zadeh ; Mozhgan Bavaki ; Behnaz Monfared ; Mona Rahnemay Helali ; Hediyeh Sadeghi and Sanaz Sedighy

The Project Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining under the direction of Shahram Entekhabi and curated by Asieh Salimian introduces a selection of video art in Iran. The exhibition that presents artists inspired by the contemporary living conditions in Iran and the realities of life there is extended. The exhibition gives an insight into contemporary artistic video production on the border between documentation and fictitious artistic creation. While in the past access to technology was limited for people under certain regimes, today, the technical and aesthetic spectrum of the medium has expanded enormously, also through digital manipulation.


Wednesday,, 2. March, 8pm – 2am
Daayanna Abdolali Zadeh
An Unsung Anthem
Video, 4K, 00:11:31 Min, Color, Sound, 2022.

Thursday, 3. March, 8pm – 2am
Mozhgan Bavaki
Strict Constraint
Video, Full HD, 00:04:43 Min, Color, Sound, Dialogue (Farsi with English Subtitles), 2022.

Friday, 4. March, 8pm – 2am
Behnaz Monfared
Video, Full HD, 00:03:14 Min, Color, Sound, Dialogue (Kurdish with Farsi and English Subtitles), 2021.

Saturday, 5. March, 8pm – 2am
Mona Rahnemay Helali
Installing Any Advertisement Has Legal Persecution
Video, Full HD, 00:07:40 Min, Color, Dialogue (Farsi with English Subtitles), 2022.

Sunday 6. March, 8pm – 2am
Hediyeh Sadeghi
Video, Full HD, 00:06:58 Min, Color, Sound, Dialogue (Farsi with English Subtitles), 2022.

Monday, 7. March, 8pm – 2am
Sanaz Sedighy
Shahroud, 29Esfand Ave. No.23
Video, Full HD, 00:12:05 Min, Color, Sound, Dialogue (Farsi with English Subtitles), 2022.

Factory TT's permanent collection includes works on film and video. In the Screenings of Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining will showcase screenings of works from the past exhibition Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining in order, accompanied by detailed descriptions of the works, and artist comments, for added viewing enjoyment.

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